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November 11, 2020

An Updated Guide to Resources

An Updated Guide to Resources
An Updated Guide to Resources

What is

One of the longest-serving E-Government initiatives, was launched by the U.S. Department of Labor in April 2002, creating the U.S. government’s official benefits website. Our mission is to increase citizen access to benefit information while reducing the difficulty of interacting with the government. On, you can find information on over 1,000 government assistance programs, check your eligibility, and learn how to apply.

I’m interested in a specific program, where can I learn more?

If you are looking for specific benefit programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL), you can search for these programs directly on, where you can also find application and contact information and use the eligibility checker for each program at the bottom of the page. On, you can also Browse by Category to browse a list of similar benefits, such as Employment and Career Development or Food and Nutrition and filter by state to find programs specific to your state.

How can I check my eligibility for benefit programs? has made improvements to the way citizens access government services online. In direct response to user feedback, we enhanced our Benefit Finder, a free and easy-to-use eligibility prescreening questionnaire which will help you determine, which benefits you may be eligible to receive. The updated Benefit Finder features a modern design, intuitive navigation, and fewer questions so that you can more quickly find the assistance you need. If you don’t know what type of benefits you are looking for, the Benefit Finder is a great place to begin.

Using the Benefit Finder is simple; you begin by answering a set of questions on the first page before proceeding to optional questions. The more questions you answer in the Benefit Finder, the more accurate your results will be. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, a list of benefits you may be eligible for will appear. Then, you can navigate to the program pages to learn more and find the next steps for applying.

How can I apply for benefits? does not accept or manage applications for government benefits. While you cannot apply for benefits or check your application status directly on the website, can help guide you to the next steps in the application process. You can find application information on each program page on You will also find a link to the managing agency’s website where you can contact the agency directly about the application process.

What other resources are available to me? offers two customized websites,, which offers information and eligibility criteria specific to government loans; and SSA BEST, which offers information and eligibility criteria specific to Social Security programs. is proud to have recently upgraded these websites with improved features, including a new design and layout. Recently, improved our eligibility screening tools, including the Benefit Finder, making it easier to identify the right benefits for you and your family.

Visit our Get Involved page to access fact sheets, including a Guide to and guides to finding benefit programs for families, people with disabilities, unemployment resources, senior citizens, students, veterans, and Native Americans. also publishes helpful, timely news articles to keep people informed about government benefit programs. To stay up-to-date on benefit program information, subscribe to the Compass Newsletter or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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