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June 9, 2021

Introducing the Chatbot

Introducing the Chatbot
Introducing the Chatbot

Since 2002, has improved access to benefit information and eligibility requirements to help citizens find government assistance. We understand that navigating benefit information can be confusing, and that you may have questions that need answers fast. We have listened to your feedback and recently developed a new self-service help tool called a “chatbot.”

How does the Chatbot work?

The Chatbot is available 24/7 and will provide immediate responses to your questions, reducing the wait-time for you to find help. The Chatbot will display while on the Help Center and ask if you have any questions. Once the chat is open, follow the guided prompts by clicking the option most closely related to your question, or type your question into the text field and click the ‘send’ icon. You will have the opportunity to submit feedback on your Chatbot interaction, so that we can continue to improve our website and remain a valuable service to citizens.

The Chatbot is currently only available from the Help Center and is available in English only. If you start a chat and leave the Help Center, you can access the Chatbot for further questions or feedback throughout the site by selecting ‘Restore Conversation.’ Please do not submit any personal information during a chat, as we do not save personally identifiable information.

How does the Chatbot help with finding the benefit information I need?

The Chatbot was developed to help you find benefit information more quickly and improve your interactions with We created the Chatbot in direct response to feedback to receive real-time support from The Chatbot can answer your questions about using, help you find benefits you may be eligible to receive, help you find benefit applications, or direct you to contact information for the state or federal agency that oversees the benefit you are asking about. 

Where else can I find information on can help you on your path to finding assistance by connecting you to programs you may be eligible to receive. You can search with the following options:

  • Take the Benefit Finder questionnaire to help you determine eligibility for over 1,000 benefits.
  • Browse by Category
    • Look through 16 benefit categories and select the one(s) you want to learn more about.
    • Narrow your search by selecting your state in the drop down or selecting a subcategory.
  • Use Search
    • Search by keyword or phrase.
    • Filter by benefits, news articles, and videos.
  • Browse by Agency to filter your search by the federal managing agency.
  • Visit the Other Resources page to find more information on government assistance.
  • In the Help Center, type a question into the chatbot, and receive a response and/or link to the benefit you are searching.

How can I stay connected to

Visit our Get Involved page to access fact sheets, including a Guide to and guides to finding benefit programs for families, people with disabilities, unemployment resources, senior citizens, students, veterans, and Native Americans. also publishes helpful, timely news articles to keep people informed about government benefit programs. To stay up-to-date on benefit program information, subscribe to the Compass Newsletter or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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