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May 24, 2023

Resources for Service Members and their Families

Resources for Service Members and their Families
Resources for Service Members and their Families

In May, we celebrate Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day to honor the service members who dedicate and have dedicated their lives to keeping our country safe. can help connect active-duty service members, Veterans, and their families to information on a range of benefits available from the government.

Resources for Service Members

If you are an active service member or Veteran, you may be eligible for help from the government. The Transition Assistance Program provides information about career paths for active-duty service members and their spouses to help with the transition to civilian life.

The Veterans Employment and Training Services Program offers more services like education and training on several careers. You can browse more benefits on the Active Duty and Veterans category page.

Resources for Loved Ones

Service members, Veterans, and their families are eligible for healthcare benefits and other medical services. For family members and dependents, check out the Health Care Benefits Program for Dependents. This program allows eligible recipients to share the cost of certain covered healthcare services with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

Veterans are also eligible for the Basic Medical Benefits Package that provides full healthcare. The VA Caregivers Programs and Services can help families of Veterans with caregiving for injured Veterans through training and educational resources. The Home-Based Primary Care Program can also help with care for Veterans when clinic-based care is not as effective as home caregiving.

Memorial Benefits also provides information on burial and memorial benefits for those who have passed away. The Veteran & Dependent Burial Program gives information to families on the process of organizing burial in a VA national cemetery. 

Families can also get help with burial fees through the Partial Reimbursement of Burials Program. The President Memorial Certificate program allows families to request a certificate signed by the current U.S. President to honor the memory of a Veteran who passed away.

More Resources

You can use the Browse by Category page to look through 16 benefit categories and select the one(s) you want to learn more about. You can also use the Browse by Agency page to filter your search by the federal managing agency.

We encourage you to take the Benefit Finder, a free and confidential tool that can help you check your eligibility for over 1,000 benefits on