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August 19, 2020

Finding Unemployment and Other Resources in Your State

Finding Unemployment and Other Resources in Your State
Finding Unemployment and Other Resources in Your State

In recent months, many citizens have applied to receive unemployment benefits and are curious about what other state-run benefit programs are available to help. understands that finding unemployment benefits in your state and navigating the process can be difficult. Here, you can find resources to direct you to your state’s unemployment information.

How do I locate my state’s unemployment resources?

Are you looking for benefits related to unemployment insurance? Unemployment insurance benefits provide temporary financial assistance to workers unemployed through no fault of their own who meet the state’s eligibility requirements. Each state operates its own unemployment insurance program. has many resources to help with your search:

  • Begin your search with our Benefit Finder. The Benefit Finder asks a series of questions about your situation and provides a list of benefits you may be eligible for based on your response.
  • Browse the Employment and Career Development category through our Browse by Category feature to view employment-related assistance programs. Filter by state to personalize the list.
  • Use the Search feature to search for information by keyword—filter by Benefits, News Articles, and Videos to narrow your search.

On, you can find a benefit page related to your state’s unemployment information or browse our Unemployment Assistance subcategory. Each unemployment insurance benefit page includes the program description, program requirements, application process, and contact information. You can also use CareerOneStop’s Unemployment map to select your state and find additional links to apply in the state where you worked.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government has allowed states to adjust their laws to provide unemployment insurance benefits related to COVID-19, including:

  • An employer temporarily ceases operations due to COVID-19, preventing employees from coming to work;
  • An individual is quarantined with the expectation of returning to work after the quarantine is over; and
  • An individual leaves employment due to a risk of exposure or infection or care for a family member.

In addition, federal law does not require an employee to quit to receive benefits due to the impact of COVID-19. Check with the state you reside regarding specific changes made.

Other Resources

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is a federal program included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The program provides support for Americans who are unable to work due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but do not qualify for traditional unemployment insurance. To learn more about PUA, visit the Coronavirus Resources for Unemployment and Small Businesses article or read more about it on the Department of Labor’s coronavirus resources page.

To find additional programs you may be eligible for, take our Benefit Finder questionnaire and visit our Newsroom to stay in the know about benefit program information.

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