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July 13, 2016

America the Beautiful: National Parks and Recreation Month

America the Beautiful: National Parks and Recreation Month
America the Beautiful: National Parks and Recreation Month

If you’re searching for a fun and healthy outing this summer, look no further than our National Parks. From outdoor hiking ranges to ocean views, you will have the opportunity to not only learn about these landmarks, but also help protect them. Additionally, most national parks can be enjoyed free-of-cost.

The National Parks Service (NPS), whose parent agency is the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), works with hundreds of volunteers to sustain the environment and community so that citizens can have access to parks that will teach them about local history and help them enjoy the great outdoors. The NPS focuses on promoting conservation and recreation to citizens, and this month, encourages you to do the same.

This summer, the NPS will be celebrating its 100th birthday! Get involved in this celebration by visiting one of your local parks and learning more about the beautiful landscapes and ecosystems available in your community. Kids can also get involved in this historic event by becoming a Centennial Junior Ranger.  You can download the Centennial Junior Ranger Booklet from the National Park Service website and let your kids learn about parks through a series of fun activities. For those a little older who are interested in archaeology, maritime science, and natural heritage, the NPS offers a list of resources that provide further information on those topics.

There are several ways you can plan your trip this summer: if you are inclined to take a day trip, find a local park and start the journey. For those of you who would like to stray further away or would like to camp overnight, the NPS website provides you with a map of parks with camping grounds.

This summer take the opportunity to visit a new and exciting place and discover the natural wonders this country has to offer. We encourage you to visit for additional government benefit programs and use the Benefit Finder questionnaire to find out what programs you may be eligible to receive.

Have a great summer!

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