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  • A group of students smile toward the camera as they hold textbooks and wear backpacks.

    Resources for Student Loan Debt Repayment

    September 13, 2023

    Based on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the one-time student loan debt relief plan is no longer available. This means that the U.S. Department of Education’s pause on student loan payments and 0% interest rate period has ended. Student loan interest returned in September 2023, and payments are due starting in October. If you are impacted and have student loans to repay, there are resources that may help you manage your repayment.

  • A teacher stands in front of a chalkboard, raising his pencil to call on a student raising his hand.

    5 Resources to Help Teachers

    August 30, 2023

    Teachers play a key role in educating today’s youth and guiding them towards a bright future. has information on resources and programs to help teachers in their professional and personal lives.

  • Four students walk together and laugh, holding textbooks and wearing backpacks.

    What You Need to Know About the FAFSA

    August 16, 2023

    Applying for financial aid as a student can be confusing but is here to help.

Video Highlights allows you to compare your eligibility for over 1,000 state and federal benefit programs. Learn more about how to use the Benefit Finder to connect you to the government benefits you need.


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