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Volunteer Opportunities

School is nearly out, and every child or student is looking forward to the freedom that comes with summer. For high school or college students in particular, summer can be an invaluable time to have new experiences, build skills, or prepare for the future. Read more

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Whether you have a loved one who is suffering from a mental illness or you are personally dealing with one yourself, Benefits.gov wants to help. There are understandable challenges a family may face when dealing with mental illness, and it is important to provide support and to help navigate families to the resources they may need. Read more

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Housing Loans

Each May, we observe National Moving Month to recognize the influx of activity on the housing market. Americans normally look to the springtime to pick up their roots and find that the warmer weather creates an easier and more pleasant time to move and settle into a new community. Read more

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Military: Active Duty and Veterans
Veterans Social Security

In May, we celebrate Military Appreciation Month, an observance dedicated to honoring and thanking the many men and women who have served the U.S. and have risked their lives fighting to protect our freedom. Benefits.gov serves millions of veterans each year, and this month, it is especially appropriate to spotlight some of the many resources available to our veterans. Read more

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Tax Assistance

With the beginning of spring upon us, we transition into a season of April showers, May flowers, and lots of cleaning. During this time, we are also reminded of another seasonal tradition in mid-April. Read more