Powers New SSA BEST Benefit Website is proud to announce the launch of its first partner Customized Connection for the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). This collaborative effort has replaced SSA's existing benefit eligibility screening tool (BEST). The SSA BEST Customized Connection screens citizens for 17 different Social Security programs and provides them with a list of the Social Security benefits they may be eligible to receive.

This Customized Connection powering the new SSA BEST supports one of's objectives for reducing redundancy within government. Bruce Carter from Social Security's Internet Customer Service Team says implementing's pre-screening technology and program database is a ?win-win situation? for all involved. ?This was the perfect opportunity to integrate two benefit screening tools, leveraging established technology that citizens can use to learn about programs that may apply to them,? said Carter.

Curtis W. Turner, the program manager for, believes the reuse of GovBenefits technology is a good thing for citizens and demonstrates how E-Gov initiatives, like, are creating effective and efficient government operations. ?Value is created when government agencies come together to share information systems like these which provide access for citizens and reduce redundant resources in doing so. The Social Security Administration is a valuable partner in taking action on collaborative E-Gov initiatives like this one.?

In addition to the launch of the new SSA BEST, is spotlighting a few of the many SSA programs listed below. Check your eligibility for Social Security benefits now on SSA BEST homepage.

Social Security Child's Insurance Benefits
These benefits are paid to the dependent children of deceased, retired or disabled workers who earned enough Social Security credits.

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits
These benefits are paid to people who have earned enough Social Security credits and who are unable to work because of a disability that has lasted or will last for at least 12 months or end in death.

Social Security Retirement Insurance Benefits
These are benefits paid to retired workers who have earned enough Social Security credits.

Social Security Spouse's Insurance Benefits
These are benefits paid to the spouse of a worker who receives Social Security Retirement or Disability benefits.

Special Benefits for Qualified WWII Veterans
The Special Benefits for Certain WWII Veterans Program pays a special benefit to certain World War II veterans that are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and meet other specified criteria for each month that they reside outside of the United States.