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In recognition of Armed Forces Day (May 20) and Memorial Day (May 29), honors all Active Duty and Veterans of the U.S. armed forces. features numerous programs for veterans and active duty service members. To find programs that meet your needs complete the Questionnaire. Below is a selected sample of veterans benefit programs on

Reserve Education Assistance Program (REAP)
REAP is an educational assistance program enacted by Congress to provide benefits for persons who are called to active duty for 90 consecutive days or more. The length of the call-up determines the level of benefits. Benefits are paid monthly up to a maximum of 36 months for full-time training. A wide variety of training, college and non-college, is approved for this program. For more information, visit the Reserve Education Assistance Program.

Respite Care
VA medical centers may provide respite care to an eligible veteran for up to 30 days in a calendar year. Families and patients who are in need of respite care in excess of 30 days because of unforeseen difficulties, such as the unexpected death of the caregiver, may receive additional days of care with the approval of the medical center director. For more information, visit the Respite Care Program.

Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project
The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project provides employment and training services and support to help homeless veterans reenter the workforce. For more information, visit the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project.