June is National Safety Month
Juneis National Safety Month and with summer quickly approaching, summer safety rules should be reviewed in your home.

For most school-aged children that will be involved in a supervised program throughout the day, the rules are minor, but important. Verify that the responsible parties have all pertinent information about your children's health care requirements and/or food allergies. You also need to obtain a copy of the scheduled activities and the estimated times of arrival and departure for events planned for your children in case you need to get to your children in an emergency. Don?t forget to apply sunscreen to your children everyday, regardless of your children?s skin pigmentationto avoid sunburn and skin cancer if your children will be participating in outdoor activities.

Summer often means more free time for outdoor sports, games, and socializing with friends, for the teenagers that feel they are too old for summer camp but not old enough to work. It is imperative that you enforce the rules to ensure their safety if you are leaving them unsupervised. Every state has different rules on the age requirement in which a child can be left unsupervised; please verify the age limit in your state. Ensure that your teenagers know the rules about the locations where they are allowed to be unsupervised, the times they are required to check-in with you, what they are allowed to cook, who they are to contact in an emergency and where they are suppose to go, and the friends they are allowed to socialize with when you are not home. If you have concerns about appropriate internet or television usage, parental controls are available on most standard devices used in today?s market.

For teenagers working this summer, it is imperative that you know the position your child has been hired to fill, the type of equipment, if any, he or she will be using and the necessary safety training and supervision that is available while your child is working. Every year around 70 teens die from work injuries in the United States. Hundreds more are hospitalized, and tens of thousands require treatment in hospital emergency rooms. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child understands that his or her safety is your first priority. For more information visit the Youth2Work.gov link below.

With school vacations right around the corner, GovBenefits.gov is highlighting some of the benefit programs available to help keep your children safer this summer.

Child Care Resource and Referral Services
Local Child Care Resource and Referral Organizations help parents locate and choose quality child care by providing referrals to local child care providers, information on state licensing requirements, availability of child care subsidies, and other information. For more information, visit the Child Care Resource and Referral Services.

Child Care and Development Fund
The Child Care and Development Fund provides assistance to low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training and/or attending school. For more information, visit the Child Care and Development Fund.