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Since the advent of the National Apprenticeship Act in 1937, apprenticeship programs have served a vital role in creating a skilled workforce that powers the healthcare, IT, and other industries. To promote industry involvement in America’s apprenticeship system, Department of Labor's Secretary Acosta recently announced the launch of, a one-stop-shop that will connect job seekers with potential employers and apprenticeship programs, and will serve as a valuable resource to students, employers, parents, teachers, high school counselors, higher education institutions, and training providers. 

This new site is the result of a partnership between DOL’s Employment Training Administration (ETA) and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). With input from key DOL stakeholders such as private companies, labor unions, trade associations, educational institutions, and government agencies via the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, will help Americans access apprenticeship opportunities and provide industry leaders with information about how to establish these specialized job training programs. Now viewable as an initial framework page, ETA and OCIO expect to roll out additional functionality in September 2018. 

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