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April is an important month for managing your personal finances. April 17 is Tax Day; the day individual income tax returns are due to the government. National Financial Literacy Month is observed in April to promote the importance of financial literacy and encourage citizens to maintain healthy financial habits. The government provides many resources for assistance with your tax returns, loan management, and general financial knowledge.

The Department of the Treasury offers several resources to help citizens prepare for Tax Day. There are programs designed to educate people on credits/benefits they are eligible to receive, along with programs to help citizens complete their tax return. For example, Tax Help for People with Disabilities provides tax relief for disabled individual taxpayers and information for preparing a tax return. To qualify, a member of the household must be disabled or care for a disabled person. An advantage is that no application is needed for this program.

The Free File program makes filing a tax return easier and less expensive. The program allows qualified users to file taxes on their own with software assistance, helps find tax breaks, and assists with filling out your state return. One advantage of the program is that it is free to file your completed return. To qualify, annual income must be $66,000 or less. For more information, citizens can visit the Free File page.

For many citizens, financial literacy encompasses managing spending and budgeting money for expenses. However, as we celebrate National Financial Literacy Month, it is also essential to recognize the importance of loan repayment. Over 44 million Americans hold $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. The Department of Education offers an Education Loan Consolidation program, which helps citizens consolidate different types of student loans for easier payment management. Loan holders can apply through and are encouraged to visit for additional information. 

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