Reaching Your Vocational Potential

For many students, a technical or service-based career is better suited for their needs and fulfills their career aspirations. As we look ahead to a new year, now is the perfect time to learn more through about federal assistance programs in preparation for the upcoming hiring season.

A general program to help guide eligible high school students into a technical career is the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Investment Act (WIOA) Youth Program. Participants in this program can receive counseling, training opportunities, and much more to successfully find job placement in their local communities. This is a great way for non-traditional high school graduates to learn which type of technical and service-based industries best suit their personalities and skills.

For young adults looking to become firefighters or other emergency personnel, the National Fire Academy Training Assistance Program provides travel stipends to students attending the National Fire Academy. To qualify, applicants must be prospective or current students of the National Fire Academy. Similarly, the State Fire Training Systems Grants program provides financial assistance for students looking to attend courses and obtain their certifications.

The Native American Vocational and Technical Education Program provides grants to programs that improve vocational opportunities on reservations and within tribes. On top of providing a technical education, this program also aids tribally controlled community colleges for those who do choose to attend college before beginning their careers.

Along with these programs, we invite students, parents, and leaders of technical or vocational educations to explore for more information that can help vocational students achieve their goals.

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