Have a Plan—Prepare Ahead for Hurricane Season

While planning your summer vacations and outdoor activities this season, it is important to keep weather in mind, especially considering that summer is also hurricane season in the U.S. Pacific hurricane season starts May 15 and Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1, and depending on where you live in the country, your chance to experience a hurricane may be low, but it is always smart to have a plan. Benefits.gov provides resources that all citizens can use to better prepare for dangerous and unexpected weather.  

According to Ready.gov, some quick and easy steps to consider before hurricane season are:

  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Have proper tools, supplies, and a first aid kit
  • Have non-perishable food stocked in your home. Make sure it’s enough for every member of your family
  • Make sure your home meets the standard building requirements to withstand a hurricane

In the unfortunate event that you have experienced a hurricane or other natural disaster, Benefits.gov has information on benefits you may be eligible. If your business is affected or damaged by a hurricane, you may be eligible for Business Physical Disaster Loans to help with the cost of repairs. For more information on benefits available to those affected by a hurricane or presidentially declared disaster, visit DisasterAssistance.gov.

If you have been displaced by a natural disaster, you may be eligible for housing assistance through the FEMA Housing Portal. Also, the Casualties, Disaster, and Theft Program provides tax relief for casualty losses that result from the destruction of, or damage to your property from any sudden, unexpected, or unusual event such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake or even volcanic eruption. 

As always, we invite you to take the Benefit Finder to determine your eligibility for over 1,200 government benefits. We hope you enjoy your summertime season, while also staying vigilant and proactive during hurricane season.

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