Steps to Social Security Disability Benefits

Some of the most common questions we receive from citizens are related to disability assistance programs provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). is the official benefits website for U.S. citizens looking to find and apply for government benefits. Below, you will find information on program eligibility, where to apply, and how to find information about programs for which you’ve already applied.

Determine your Eligibility:

Naturally, the first part of determining eligibility for disability benefits is to familiarize oneself with the “Listing of Impairments” put forth by the SSA. These listings are separate for adults and children (under 18), but both are further broken down into a classification by the type of disability. After selecting a type, you can find the criteria that SSA will use to determine if you are eligible to claim disability. If you feel that you or a family member has met the criteria, but remain unsure of what SSA programs you may be eligible for, we recommend taking the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST). This tool can help narrow your search just by answering additional questions about your current situation.

How to Apply:

Before you apply for SSA benefits, we recommend that you read about the application process. There are two ways to submit your application. First, you can apply online; make sure you read through all the suggested steps before starting an application as it will guide you through collecting all the information you will need to enter before you start the application. Second, you can call SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 to schedule a visit to your local SSA office. You can use the SSA Locator to find the nearest SSA office to you. If you choose to submit your application through an SSA office, it may still be helpful to review what information SSA requires from you in an online application as that will help ensure that you bring all the necessary documents and information to your appointment.

After Applying:

Once you have applied for assistance through SSA, you can track the status of your application using a secure my Social Security Account offered by the Social Security Administration.

After you have been accepted, you can set and change your address or set up direct deposit for your benefits. You can also view a full listing of your Social Security statements. A complete list of online services provided by SSA is here. These services can vary based on which programs you are enrolled in.

We hope you found this information helpful to you or a loved one looking to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits.

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