Looking for a Job? Let CareerOneStop Be Your Guide!

While some people take the summer to vacation or take a break from their work-life, others may be actively hitting the job market. Many U.S. citizens find that the summer is an ideal time to look for a job, change their current career, or look for temporary part-time work. Students and teachers in particular are often looking for opportunities near the end of May or June once school is out. Veterans coming back from deployment, citizens with disabilities, and many others also often use this time to find new work.

CareerOneStop.org is an online tool sponsored by the Department of Labor to support you in your career needs and aspirations. This site provides resources to help citizens change their career, find benefits, and seek employment advice. Below is a list of those specific resources available to varying job-seekers in need:

For more information on job-seeking tips, you can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also browse the Benefits.gov Employment/Career Development Assistance category on Benefits.gov for specific programs that may fit your needs. The Benefits.gov Benefit Finder, our prescreening questionnaire, is another helpful tool to assist in your search for benefits.

Employment/Career Development Assistance