Native Americans' Day: Local Observances in the United States

Several states celebrate Native American culture and heritage with yearly observances. These observances serve to celebrate the Native American community, remember its history, and educate others about its rich culture and diverse traditions. 

Many American Indians/Alaska Natives, from 566 federally recognized tribes, bands, nations, pueblos, communities, and Native villages take part in celebrating Native American Day or Indigenous People’s Day in the U.S. This year Native Americans' Day is celebrated in South Dakota on October 10 as well as in California on September 23. Indigenous People's Day is celebrated in Berkeley, California, on the second Monday of October. In South Dakota, people celebrate Native Americans’ Day by learning from educational resources that focus on the cultural and local traditions. Both native and non-native cultures unite through sharing the many aspects of native culture on this day. In Berkeley, organizations, community groups and churches support the day through activities that raise awareness about the history, culture and traditions of indigenous peoples of the U.S.

Last year, the Program partnered with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Indian Affairs to launch a website to connect over five million American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native American Youth to government resources and information.

This website, Native One Stop (, is a single, central location for American Indians and Alaska Natives to locate resources they may be eligible to receive from 17 Federal agencies, all of whom are Partners. The site was developed in response to the White House’s Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) initiative, which “focuses on improving the lives of Native youth through new investments and increased engagement.”

Like, Native One Stop is the product of a collaborative partnership of 17 Federal agencies. There are over 170 resources on the site, and if you’re a member of the Native American community, we encourage you to take the Resource Finder to see which resources you and your community may be eligible to receive. Visitors can keep up with the latest resource-related information on Native One Stop by following on Twitter and Facebook

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