Honors Our Armed Service Members and Veterans this May

In May, we celebrate National Military Appreciation Month, which includes many special observances for our troops. This month is all about honoring the service members who dedicate and have dedicated their lives to keep us safe. would like to help connect active duty service members, Veterans, and their families to the many benefit programs offered by the federal government. offers a category for Military: Active Duty and Veterans that has information on benefit and assistance programs from many agencies, including the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Veteran's Health Administration. Under this category, there are benefit programs that provide assistance with healthcare, transition programs, rehabilitation, insurance, and other relevant topics. Here's a summary of a few of the offered benefits:

Active service members, Veterans and their families are eligible for healthcare benefits, medical packages and more. For family members and dependents of active servicemen, check out the Healthcare Benefits Program for Dependents. Under this program, the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies for eligible beneficiaries. As a Veteran, you may also be eligible for Basic Medical Benefits Package to receive comprehensive healthcare. If you or a Veteran family member are in need of a caregiver, take a look at the Caregiver Programs and Services and Home-Based Primary Care Program.

Transition and Rehabilitation Programs
After being relieved from duty, transitioning back to civilian life can be difficult. hosts programs that provide transition assistance, education programs, rehabilitation programs and more. The Transition Assistance Program for Veterans provides career information for active duty service members and their spouses as they are transitioning from their duties. You can also find more education, employment and job training assistance services with the Veterans Employment and Training Services program serviced by the U.S. Department of Labor. If you're looking for help with rehabilitation services, Veterans with disabilities can apply for the Vocational Rehab and Employment Services for Vets with Disabilities program.

Other Relevant Benefits
Three of the most visited programs on our site are the Veterans Pension program, the Travel Reimbursement program and the Post-9/11 GI Bills. The Veterans Pension program provides needs-based support to Veterans. Those travelling nationally and abroad could be eligible for the Travel Reimbursement program for mileage, common carrier or special transport to and from authorized VA facilities. Service members who became active after the 9/11 terrorist attack could be eligible for benefits through the Post-9/11 GI Bills.

As we honor and remember our fallen service members, also offers information provided by our Partners on burial benefits. For Veterans and dependents of Veterans who have recently passed, families can check out the Veteran & Dependent Burial in VA National Cemeteries program which provides information on burials in official VA national cemeteries. Families can also receive expense reimbursements for burial fees through the Partial Reimbursement of Burial Expenses program.

Armed Forces Day is celebrated during the third Saturday of the month and Memorial Day is the last Monday of the month. Take some time this month to give back, show love and support, and honor our servicemen and women for putting their lives on the line to serve their country. For more information about the above benefits, visit the homepage and take our prescreening questionnaire, the Benefit Finder to see what other benefits you may be eligible to receive.

Military: Active Duty and Veterans