, New and Improved!

Are you a regular user? If so, you may have noticed some big changes to our site. The content is the same, but the look and feel is brand new. Whether you're a first-time user or a expert, we're excited to share these changes with you.

Our homepage and Benefit Details pages feature a brand new layout and color scheme. On the homepage, the Benefit Finder tool is featured in the top right-hand corner, and the Benefit Details pages showcase new headings and a crisp, clean view of the benefit information. This redesign is the first change; stay tuned for more exciting features in the coming months.

In addition to the site redesign, our award-winning Compass eNewsletter has also undergone some major updates! The newsletter now features a user-friendly table of contents and article slider tool, and continues to provide you with timely articles about benefits and ways to improve your lifestyle.

So, are you looking for benefits? Here's how you can use our site - all from our brand new homepage:

  • Click "Start Benefit Finder" in the top right corner of the homepage. Begin answering the Core Questions first, providing some background about who you are. Then, move onto questions about your general situation, your household, your education, your health, and other information areas. As you answer questions, benefits you may be eligible to receive will appear alongside the questionnaire; the more questions you answer, the more refined your results will be, and the more likely you are to qualify for those benefits.
  • Browse by StateFederal Agency, and Category. Wondering what benefits are available in your home state, or just curious to see what benefits fall under one of our 20+ benefit categories? This option is best for you.
  • Subscribe to Benefits to receive updates. If there's a benefit you'd like to receive updates for, don't hesitate to subscribe. Click the subscribe button in the top right corner of the benefit you're interested in, and you'll receive updates right to your e-mail. As soon as there are changes, our team will send you an email to let you know.
  • Check out Other Resources. Didn't find the information you were looking for? Try visiting one of the many websites we provide under Other Resources.
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions. Learn how best to use our site by browsing some FAQs.

We hope you'll spread the word in your community. For 14 years, has been and continues to be your one-stop-shop for information about government benefits. We're happy to share a newly redesigned site with you, and hope you'll stay engaged by subscribing to our eNewsletter and following us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.