Spring into Fun and Fitness

Spring is a natural time to get moving as warm weather lifts spirits and draws us outside, so it’s no surprise that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Benefits.gov is here to help you kick off springtime with a new attitude towards your physical well-being.

Looking for some great ideas for promoting fun and fitness for your family, a school, or a community center? Check out the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition for tips and resources on how to get healthy, get moving, and have some fun. Here are a few ways to get fit:

  • Building aerobic activities like jogging and cycling into your daily routine promotes many positive health benefits such as increased heart strength. Riding a bike to work or choosing to take the stairs instead of an elevator are easy ways to include aerobic activity into your day.

  • Balance and stretching activities enhance physical stability and flexibility, which reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Maintaining a balanced diet is just as important as exercising. Switching to fat-free or low-fat milk, drinking water instead of sugary drinks, choosing lean proteins and eating more fruits and vegetables are easy ways to improve nutrition and feel great!

One of the programs the President’s Council sponsors is National Physical Education & Sport Week from May 1-7. Find out more about getting a school or community center involved and get ideas and resources here.

May is also National Biking Month, and communities all across the country are sponsoring events to encourage you and your family to trade four wheels for two! For starters, you can cycle to school with a child on Friday, May 4, for Ride to School Day. This is part of a push to get kids to opt for walking and riding to school whenever it is safe to do so. Look for more information and tips at the Walk or Bike to School website. Hopefully that will inspire you to park your car and participate in National Bike to Work Day on May 20. Volunteers at events around the country will be sharing tips to encourage safe cycling and might even be handing out refreshments to keep your energy up! Check out BikeLeague.org to see if your community is hosting an event or to find out how you can get involved. You might find that Bike to Work Day becomes an everyday choice for you.

Whether you walk, ride, run, or skip, the important thing is to get moving and have some fun. Make May your month to spring into fun and fitness and check out our website and previous news articles for more ways to get moving and improve your health.