Spend the Summer Discovering Our Nation's Parks!
Searching for an adventure this summer that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than the beautiful and educational National Parks.

Benefits.gov encourages fellow Americans to get out and explore nature this summer in one of our 401 National Parks across the country and U.S. territories. In addition to the educational and scenic experience, a major benefit is that many of these national treasures are low-cost, and even 286 of the parks are free. Here's a tip: you can start planning your visit around the entrance fee-free dates listed on the National Park Service website.

The National Park Service, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI), is dedicated to maintaining our nation's parks and creating a safe environment for all visitors. National Parks are not only preserved natural environments, like Yellowstone and the Everglades, but also historic sites and monuments, like Alcatraz and the Gateway Arch. If you're planning on traveling to one of these historic destinations, check out the resources offered by the National Park Service to help plan your trip. You can browse suggested itineraries and highlighted hot spots, such as lighthouses and archaeology museums.

Before you begin planning, be sure to take a look at these travel tips offered by the National Park Service:
  • To locate a park near you, use the Find a Park option on the National Park Service website. You can search by name, location, activity or topic.

  • Once you've decided where you're headed, check out the park's Plan Your Visit section for maps, directions, park brochures, and operating hours.

  • Explore lodging options. Whether you're looking for hotels, campground, or backcountry camping, it is recommended that you reserve a spot, when possible.

There's plenty to see and learn outdoors, so take some time this summer to discover a National Park near you! If you're interested in additional information, Benefits.gov encourages you to use our free and confidential Benefit Finder to find out which government assistance programs you may be eligible to receive.