BusinessUSA - Making it Easier to Do Business in America
Starting a business is an exciting venture, but it can also be a challenge. Too often, entrepreneurs are uncertain of where to start and how to grow their business. BusinessUSA aims to fix these problems by connecting you with program information, step-by-step tools and services that can help your businesses succeed.

Almost two years ago, BusinessUSA was created to provide businesses a better entryway into the host of programs and opportunities the Federal government has to offer. A White House initiative and collaborative effort led by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Commerce (DOC), BusinessUSA is a single access point to connect small businesses and exporters with services and information relevant to each of their unique situations.

Federal agencies, including the departments of Treasury, Veterans Affairs, and Labor, offer programs that can help your business whether it's new, already in operation, or just an idea. BusinessUSA has you covered with resources available to help you find assistance and opportunities to start your business or grow your business. Tools are available that can help your business prepare to start selling its goods overseas or expand existing operations, as well as find contracting opportunities, seek disaster assistance, learn about taxes and credits, and more.

Business owners may also be concerned about providing affordable health care. Visit BusinessUSA's new Health Care Changes Page to learn what you need to know about new insurance options and other health care changes as they happen. wants to share how BusinessUSA can help open doors to assistance offered by the Federal government. Be sure to visit on either your mobile device or your computer where you can access tools to help you navigate the site, including a site tour, help hotline, and ask-a-question. You should also consider the many individual employment, grants, and training assistance programs you can find on using our simple and confidential Benefit Finder.