Disability.gov Puts You in Control!
The government?s official website for people with disabilities, Disability.gov, provides its users with a wealth of disability-related information and resources. Disability.gov puts you in control, enabling you to interact with other users and customize the pages you?re viewing.

The following Disability.gov homepage search tools make it easy to find what you?re looking for:

Advanced Search
: The Advanced Search feature is located at the top right of the homepage and allows you to run a targeted search, helping you find exactly what you need.

Information by Topic
: Popular topics are listed on the left hand side of the homepage, and include items such as Benefits, Community Life, Emergency Preparedness and Transportation.

Information by State
: See what?s available in your hometown!

?I Want To??: Select one of the ?actions? provided for you, such as ?I want to Find a Job,? ?I want to Find Housing,? or ?I want to Apply for Scholarships? for a quick and targeted way to find what you need.

You may also register with Disability.gov and receive a unique login. This will allow you to subscribe to ?groups.? Groups encourage different sectors of the disability network to come together, such as caregivers or those interested in the Americans with Disabilities Act, to discuss important issues that impact their lives.

It?s easy to stay connected with Disability.gov. You can subscribe to their newsletter or RSS feed, receive email updates when changes are made to the site and even follow their blog, which welcomes comments on any of their posts. Be sure to check out the Suggest a Resource page, where you can recommend a resource to Disability.gov for possible inclusion on the website.

Visit Disability.gov today for more information, or share it with someone you know!

You can also view a list of disability benefits on Benefits.gov by visiting our Browse by Category page and selecting ?Disability Assistance.? Use our confidential Benefit Finder to find out which government benefits you may be eligible to receive.