June is National Hurricane Preparedness Month
This spring, families all over the country faced dangerously wild and unpredictable weather. And now - with hurricane season just around the corner - Benefits.gov wants you to be prepared!

Despite the lack of damage on land, 2010 was the most active hurricane season on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). So this year, NOAA is touring the east coast to raise awareness about the importance of having a personal hurricane plan.

If you live in a hurricane risk area, knowing where to go for disaster assistance should also be part of your preparedness plan. Visit DisasterAssistance.gov, the easy-to-use website offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which provides information on more than 50 forms of disaster assistance, to review forms of assistance that may be helpful to you after a hurricane. You can even apply for some of these programs with a single, online application.

For tips on how to put your hurricane preparedness plan together, visit Ready.gov?s Hurricanes page for detailed, step-by-step information.

Below are some additional resources to visit before, during and after the storm.

Before a hurricane During a hurricane After a hurricane
  • Visit DisasterAssistance.gov to begin applying for disaster-related forms of assistance.
  • Visit Benefits.gov to determine other Federal benefits you may be eligible to receive.
Have a plan! Make sure you and your family are prepared this hurricane season.