New Credit Card Laws and Existing Benefits Support Americans in Economic Crisis
Like many Americans, you may be affected by the current economic crisis. To help protect Americans' financial well-being, the White House recently established an Independent Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. One of the new bureau's jobs is to enforce new credit card laws that are in place to protect families who may have used credit cards to make ends meet in tough times.

By the new laws, your credit card company must tell you:
  • When it plans to increase your rate or other fees
  • How long it will take to pay off your balance if you pay the minimum payment each month
In most cases:
  • Your interest rate cannot go up during the first year that you have your card.
  • Your credit card company cannot charge you a late payment fee of more than $25.
In addition to these changes, your credit card company must send your bill to you at least 21 days before your payment is due. Additionally, if your interest rate increases, your credit card company is now required to tell you why. can guide you to Federal and state programs that may help ease your financial burdens, such as: Take a few moments to use our confidential Benefit Finder to find out if you may be eligible for these and other government assistance programs. Assistance is available for those who qualify, so find the programs that could help you and your family today!