Welcome to Benefits.gov!
GovBenefits.gov is now Benefits.gov!

Although we have a new name and a new look, Benefits.gov is still the official government benefits website of the U.S. government with the same mission: to provide citizens with increasingly accurate and personalized access to Federal and state government benefit information.

We invite you to explore our new site and get to know some of the great new features that we?ve added to make it easier and faster to find the programs that may be right for you or someone you know.

Here are just a few of the helpful updates you will find on Benefits.gov:

The Improved Benefit Finder
  • After answering a few basic questions, you may view your Benefit Results List at any time. You can even return to the questionnaire to answer more questions, which will increase the likelihood of your eligibility for the programs in your Benefit Results List.
  • Questions are arranged by category, allowing you to more easily focus your search on the benefits you are most interested in.
Instant Benefit Results
  • As you take the questionnaire, you can watch the number of benefits you may be eligible for change as you answer more questions. Answering more questions will increase the likelihood of your eligibility for the programs in your Benefit Results List.
  • You can quickly see the benefits you may be eligible for in each benefit category.
Your Favorites
  • If you find benefits in your Benefit Results List that you're interested in, you can add them to ?Your Favorites? to create an even more personalized list of results.
Email All Results
  • Email your ?Benefit Results? and/or ?Your Favorites? list to yourself or someone you know for future reference.
Take advantage of the Benefit Finder today and find out which benefits you or someone you know may be eligible to receive. You can also always access the Benefit Finder by clicking on the ?Start Now? button on the homepage. We hope you enjoy using Benefits.gov to quickly and easily find the government benefits that are right for you!

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