The Flu and You
Since President Obama declared H1N1 (Swine) flu a national emergency in late October, concerns over H1N1, the vaccine and proper preventative measures have been frequently highlighted in the news. With the heightened national concern, you may be hearing varying and conflicting messages about the flu and what you should do about it. wants to help you separate fact from fiction by connecting you to the most accurate flu information available.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) can provide you with reliable information on H1N1 Flu. Check out their H1N1 Flu page for links to guidance on what to do if you are experiencing H1N1 flu symptoms, how to care for a sick person, vaccine updates, treatment methods, prevention tips and more.

You can also track H1N1 Situation Updates from the CDC to learn how heavily your area is being affected and to access suggested additional resources.

Learn more about H1N1 and seasonal flu at Here, you can use their Flu Vaccine Locator to find available flu shots in your area, watch webcasts and follow related blog updates. wants to help keep you healthy! Visit our homepage and select ?Healthcare? from the Benefits Quick Search for a list of health related programs.