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June 13, 2018

Let Help You Make Your Summer Count

Let Help You Make Your Summer Count
Let Help You Make Your Summer Count

As summer approaches, the school year wraps up, temperatures rise, and children, students, and families are all looking for activities to do. has resources that provide information on summer programs, ways to get outdoors, and staying healthy and active throughout the summer.

Explore the Outdoors

There are many ways to enjoy the summer weather. Soak up the sun by visiting a national park or trail, get free help planning a trip, or search for hiking tips and explore trail guides. You can even make reservations for private tours and find information on essentials needed for all your outdoor adventures. 

Below is a list of activities found on that may be of interest to you.

Pitch a Tent

Reserve a campsite anywhere from destination campgrounds like Grand Canyon National Park to lesser-known gems such as Maple Grove Campground on the Fishlake National Forrest. Explore unique camping experiences that require planning and preparation like Brooks Camp in Alaska.

Hike A Trail provides information on everything you need to know from easy day hikes to challenging wilderness routes. Browse different hiking trails and locations through the search tool.

Pack a Picnic

Reserve a popular shelter like the Appalachian Clubhouse in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park for a meeting or celebration, or one of the lakeside Army Corps of Engineers picnic shelters, such as the lovely Buck Ridge on Henley Lake.

Settle into a Cabin

Rent a cabin to get away and enjoy what nature has to offer. Cabins range from remote, rustic, and only accessible by boat or float plane, like the San Juan Bay Cabin, only by train, like the Denver Caboose Cabin, to those with more amenities such as water, electricity, and road access like the Blue Springs Gap Cabin.

National Great Outdoors Month is a great reason to get outside and an opportunity to encourage friends and family to join you in getting active and living a healthy lifestyle. As always, we encourage you to visit and take our Benefit Finder questionnaire to determine which benefits you may be eligible for. We hope you and your family take advantage of the great outdoors this month!

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