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February 4, 2018

Resources for Job-Seeking Veterans

Resources for Job-Seeking Veterans
Resources for Job-Seeking Veterans offers information on benefits to veterans in need. If you or someone you know is looking for veteran employment assistance, check out the following benefits:

Veterans Employment & Training Service (VETS)

The VETS Program prepares America's veterans, service members, and their families for meaningful careers by providing them with employment resources and expertise. The VETS Program aids in protecting veteran employment rights and in promoting employment opportunities. Visit the Veterans and Families Page to find the help that is right for you. 

Veterans Preference (VP) 

The Veterans Preference Program allows veterans who are disabled, who served in military campaigns, or who served in active duty during certain specified time periods to have preference over other candidates applying for federal jobs. The Veterans' Preference Advisor, developed by VETS, is designed to assist employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities. To determine eligibility for preference, please begin the Veterans' Preference Advisor. For more information, visit the Veterans' Preference Page

HIRE Vets Medallion Program

The HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration recognizes job creators for their commitment to recruiting, employing, and retaining our nation's veterans. The program allows the Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Service (DOL VETS) to run applications, raise awareness of the HIRE Vets Medallion Program, and enable more employers to successfully prepare and assist veterans in their professional development. The program has no application fee and is limited to the first 300 applicants. Apply online before the 2020 deadline (April 30). For more information visit the HIRE Vets Medallion Program Page

Want to learn more about other Veteran Benefits?

For more information about veteran benefits, see our Compass News Article, 5 Notable Benefits for Military Veterans. This article focuses on Veteran Education, Veteran Loans, Veterans Health, Veterans Crisis Hotline, and Veterans Compensation for Service-Connected Disabilities. To find other benefits specific to your situation, use our Benefit Finder tool. 

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