Veterans Day - November 11, 2003
There are more than 25 million living American veterans. In fact, more than 30 percent of the U.S. population is made up of veterans, their family members, and their survivors. On Veterans Day, our nation pays tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of the men and women who have served honorably in our Armed Forces, in wartime or in peacetime. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Veterans Day celebration, and will be marked with numerous ceremonies, wreath laying events, and parades. As our nation's veterans are honored on November 11, is highlighting a few of the benefit programs available to U.S. veterans, their families and survivors.

For more information about Veterans Day, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Day homepage. To learn more about the National World War II Memorial, the first national memorial dedicated to those who served during the Second World War, visit

  • Gulf War, Agent Orange and Ionizing Radiation Registry Program

  • Qualifying veterans are provided with free, comprehensive medical examinations, including laboratory and other diagnostic tests deemed necessary by an examining physician to determine health status. VA has developed databases called registries to help analyze the type of health conditions being reported by veterans. For more information visit

  • Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty)

  • The Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty) is an educational assistance program for individuals who serve on active duty. Most service men and women (including certain full-time National Guard) are eligible if they receive an honorable discharge and meet minimum service requirements. Benefits under this program generally end 10 years from the date of the veteran's last discharge or release from active duty. For more information visit

  • National Cemeteries

  • The goals of the program are to provide burial space and perpetual care for veterans and members of the Armed Forces of the United States whose service terminated other than dishonorably. The program also applies to Reservists and National Guard members, having 20 years qualifying service for the purpose of receiving retired pay, and certain eligible dependents. For more information visit

  • Readjustment Counseling

  • VA provides readjustment counseling at community-based Vet Centers to help veterans resolve psychological war trauma and to help them achieve a successful post-war adjustment to civilian life. Assistance includes group, individual and family counseling. The Vet Centers also provide extensive community outreach and brokering of services for veterans within their home communities. For more information visit