National Nutrition Month®
Did you know being underweight can cause health problems? Many people are familiar with health problems associated with being overweight, like diabetes and high blood pressure, but may not realize being underweight can also negatively impact their health. Underweight individuals face higher risks for heart problems, chronic fatigue, and depression. No matter what your weight, it is important to remember proper nutrition, healthful eating, and regular exercise are essential for good health. Improving your food choices can bring lifelong health benefits. As March marks National Nutrition Month®, is highlighting some of the nutrition related benefit programs available to help you achieve a balanced diet.

Visit the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion for nutrition resources including an Interactive Healthy Eating Index, Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid.

  • Food Stamp Program
    The Food Stamp Program provides benefits to low-income people that they can use to buy food to improve their diets. Food stamp recipients spend their benefits (in the form of paper coupons or electronic benefits on debit cards) to buy eligible food in authorized retail food stores. For more information visit the Food Stamp Program Web site.

  • Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico operates this program in place of the Food Stamp Program. Eligibility requirements and benefit amounts are determined by Puerto Rico. Currently, Puerto Rico targets 75% of nutrition assistance benefits to the purchase of food, while providing 25% in cash through the Commonwealth's electronic benefits transfer system. For more information visit /govbenefits/benefits/report.jhtml?bid=363

  • School Breakfast and Lunch Programs
    The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs make nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free meals available to school children each school day. Over 92,000 schools offer lunches at school, and nearly 70,000 schools offer breakfast at school. School breakfasts and lunches must meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and federal nutrition standards. Some schools offer after school snacks to children in the school's after school care programs. For more information visit /govbenefits/benefits/report.jhtml?bid=366

    National Nutrition Month® is a trademark campaign of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and its Foundation.