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Program Description

The goal of this program is to build the next generation of conservation and community leaders by supporting efforts to get young people to play, learn, serve, and work outdoors. Specific goals established by the Secretary are:

Play: Interior will develop or enhance outdoor recreation partnerships in a total of 50 cities over four years to create new, systemic opportunities for outdoor play for more than 10 million young people. Learn: Provide educational opportunities to at least 10 million of the nation's K-12 student population annually. In addition to welcoming students into nature's classroom, Interior is developing and strengthening new online education resources, to reach more students.

Serve: Engage 1 million volunteers annually on public lands, effectively tripling the current volunteer numbers. Many more people are interested in volunteering at national parks, wildlife refuges and public lands, but there are often insufficient staff resources to coordinate them. In order to achieve the volunteer goal, a renewed emphasis will be placed on volunteer coordination and management.

Work: To develop the next generation of lifelong conservation stewards and ensure our own skilled and diverse workforce pipeline, Interior will provide 100,000 work & training opportunities to young people and veterans within our bureaus and through public-private partnerships. As part of this effort, the Department aims to raise an additional $20 million from private and corporate donors to support youth work and training opportunities.

General Program Requirements

Play and Learn goals focus on young people primarily in the K-12 age range; Serve goals apply to all ages; Work goals focus on young people age 35 and under. Opportunities to participate in programs that support these goals vary by agency and location.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

More information is available on DOI's Youth Page as well as websites of DOI agencies. Opportunities to pursue grants and cooperative agreements with DOI agencies can be found at

Program Contact Information

Mary Pletcher (DOI)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Capital and Diversity
(202) 208-4505

Betsy Wooster (BLM)
BLM Youth Program Lead

This program involves all agencies of the Interior Department.

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