Program Description

This program allows federally recognized Indian tribes in the 17 western states to assume responsibility for executing Reclamation projects and programs authorized for the benefit of tribes. Funding provided to Reclamation to execute the project or program is transferred to the tribe. The transfer may be effected through a contract, or, for tribes that meet certain criteria, through annual funding agreements.

General Program Requirements

For Reclamation activities, this program is available only to federally recognized Indian tribes located in the 17 western states.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

Tribes seeking to assume responsibility for a Reclamation project or program operated for the benefit of that tribe must submit a detailed, written, technical proposal. Proposals must include background information on the tribe, proposed technical approaches, scopes of work for each separate major task, personnel descriptions, experience performing the type of work covered by the proposal, necessary or planned cooperation with other parties, and detailed project costs.

Reclamation reviews proposals and, if necessary, will provide the tribe technical assistance to correct any deficiencies. Once properly completed, Reclamation must approve the proposal unless one of several specific grounds for declination is satisfied.

Once approved, Reclamation and the tribe negotiate a contract or annual funding agreement to implement the proposal.

Program Contact Information

Matthew Duchesne
Program Manager

Additional Information

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number15.534
Current Method of Tribal EligibilityProgram Only for Tribes/Native Organizations
Can the funding from the program be renewedYes
Funding TypeDiscretionary
Entities Eligible for Grant AssistanceFederally Recognized Tribes and Tribal Organizations
Matching Funds RequiredNo
Recurring Base Funding for TribesNo
Do Tribes compete with other entities for funding from the program?No

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