Program Description

An interest distribution earned on an invested corpus to all eligible 1994 Land-Grant Institutions. Provides funding for institutional development to support food, agriculture and the mechanic arts. Educational activities, facility construction and renovation, student recruitment and retention, faculty hiring and development are all allowable expenditures.

General Program Requirements

Only accredited 1994 Land-Grant Institution as authorized by Congress.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

NIFA issues a letter of credit for a specific amount for each eligible 1994 institution based on a formula.  The formula is set by Congress and is based in part on American Indian enrollment as reported to the American Indian Higher Education Consortium - AIHEC. Recipients are asked to report on funding expenditures and accomplishments. 

Program Contact Information

Tim Grosser
National Program Leader

Additional Information

Current Method of Tribal Eligibility1. Congressional authorization 2. Accreditation by national higher education organization
Can the funding from the program be renewedAn annual distribution
Funding TypeEndowment Distribution
Matching Funds RequiredNo
Do Tribes compete with other entities for funding from the program?No
Tribes Funded by this Program34

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