Program Description

VA provides eligible Veterans and their families readjustment counseling through 300 Vet Centers located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Guam.

Vet Centers are community-based counseling centers that provide a wide range of social and psychological services including professional readjustment counseling to Veterans and families, military sexual trauma counseling, and bereavement counseling for families who experience an active duty death.

A core value of the Vet Center program is to promote access to care by helping Veterans and families overcome barriers that impede them from using those services. For example, all Vet Centers have availability during non-traditional hours after normal business hours as well as on Saturdays. All services are without time limitation and at no cost to the Veteran. All Vet Center services are provided to the Veteran and their family without cost or time limitation. All services are prepaid through the Veteran's service.

Readjustment counseling is a wide range of psycho social services offered to eligible Veterans and their families in the effort to make a successful transition from military to civilian life. They include:

  • Individual counseling,
  • Group counseling,
  • Family counseling for issues related to the readjustment of the Veteran,
  • Bereavement counseling for families who experience an active duty death,
  • VA medical benefit referral,
  • VBA benefits referral,
  • Employment counseling, guidance, and referrals,
  • Alcohol/ substance abuse assessments and referrals,
  • Information and referral to community resources,
  • Military sexual trauma counseling & referral, and
  • Outreach and Community education

General Program Requirements

Vet Centers provide services to Veterans who have served in any warzone or area of hostility/combat. Vet Center services are also extended to family members who experienced an active duty death (bereavement counseling) and Veterans of any era who has experienced any form of military sexual trauma or harassment. These Veterans are not required to have served in a war zone.

  • All services are without time limitation and at no cost to the Veteran. These services have been prepaid through the Veteran's military service.
  • Veterans do not need to be enrolled with the VA Medical Centers to use this benefit.
  • Veterans do not need a disability rating or service connection for injuries from either the VA or the DoD, to use a Vet Center.
  • No information will be released to any person or agency without the written consent from the Veteran, except in circumstances averting a crisis.
  • Readjustment counseling services at the Vet Centers are not part of the Basic Medical Benefits Package.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

VA's readjustment counseling is provided at community-based Vet Centers located near Veterans and their families. All Vet Center services are prepaid through military service. Contact your nearest Vet Center through information provided in the Vet Center Directory or listings in your local blue pages. Vet Center staff are available toll free and around the clock at 877-WAR-VETS (927-8387).

Program Contact Information

For more information, please visit:

  • The Readjustment Counseling website for more information about available services as well as finding your closest Vet Center.
  • Call our 24/7 confidential toll-free number at 1-877-WAR-VETS (927-8387)
  • In person, Veterans and their families can walk in to any of the Vet Centers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Guam. A full listing of locations can be found on the Vet Center program website

Readjustment Counseling Service
VA Central Office

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