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Jan 28, 2016
Now that 2016 is firmly underway, you may be wondering what you can do to make this year better than the last. Luckily, has thousands of benefit programs on our site from across federal, state, and local government that may help you locate and apply for government assistance. In this article, we'll highlight some resources related to Social Security benefits.... Read more
Jan 14, 2016
During the fall and winter months, many Americans enjoy holidays and family time, and anticipate a fresh start in the new year. At the same time, some find the holiday season and the new year challenging. During the changing seasons, many people experience the ?winter blues,? or seasonal depression, medically known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time very year. SAD can sap your energy, make you feel moody, and prevent you from enjoying your life. If you suffer from SAD, wants you to start the new year off right by taking healthy steps to find support and get better.... Read more
Dec 17, 2015
Each year, on the first of December, people all over the globe recognize World AIDS Day. HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a global pandemic, and World AIDS Day gives people the opportunity to acknowledge the fight against HIV, show their support for those living with HIV, and remember those who have died. Although World AIDS Day has passed, the discussion on HIV/AIDS continues, and is here to share HIV/AIDS-related resources to help you stay aware.

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Dec 3, 2015
This holiday season, nearly 600,000 Americans will spend the holidays homeless and without proper shelter or food. The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) and affiliated government organizations are standing together to help end homelessness. You can also commit to being part of the solution. In a time of giving, helping others, and spreading holiday spirit, has resources available to help our fellow citizens in need.... Read more