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Wisconsin BadgerCare (SCHIP)
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Program Description

BadgerCare Plus is a health care program for children under 19 years of age and families in Wisconsin. BadgerCare Plus offers free or low-cost health care coverage to many families and pregnant women in Wisconsin. BadgerCare Plus is designed for people who do not currently have access to health insurance. It is not designed to replace private insurance. For that reason, there are rules that do not allow most people to drop their private insurance to take part in BadgerCare Plus.

General Program Requirements

In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a resident of Wisconsin, under 19 years of age or be a primary caregiver with a child under the age of 19 or be pregnant, a U.S. national, citizen, legal alien, or permanent resident.

If you are currently insured, you might still be able to enroll. In certain cases, the state may pay part or all of your monthly premium for your other insurance.

All children under 19 years old, at all income levels, can enroll in BadgerCare Plus if they do not have access to health insurance. Families with children at higher income levels will pay premiums and copayments for certain services.

If you are 20 years old or older and leaving out-of-home care (foster care) you may be eligible.

Parents, primary care givers, and pregnant women must meet the income qualifications below (income requirements for some groups may be lower).

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this benefit.

Application Process

You can apply online at, by mail or phone with the local agency.

If you choose to apply by mail, complete the BadgerCare Plus Application Packet (F-10182). You can get the application:

Program Contact Information

To learn more about BadgerCare Plus, go to: