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Welcome, Community Advocates!

As a community advocate, you dedicate your time to serving those in need. As the official benefits website of the U.S. government, can become one of your key tools on your path to help others.

On, you can...

Search a public database of more than 1,200 government benefits. You can browse by category, state, or by federal agency!

Personalize your benefits search by using the free, simple, and confidential Benefit Finder prescreening tool. Find out which benefits you may be eligible to receive, as well as information on how to apply. You can answer questions on behalf of your client or teach them how to use the Benefit Finder!

Discover little-known benefits that your clients may be eligible to receive, and view the results instantly. Your likelihood of being eligible for the displayed benefits increases with each additional question in our questionnaire that you answer.

Create, print and email a customized list of benefits that address your clients' unique circumstances. Easily add benefits you're interested in to the "Your Favorites" list and give your clients access.

Empower your clients to help themselves by informing them about and teaching them to use the site from any computer with an Internet connection. Affiliate Policy

The Affiliate Policy describes how organizations can serve as an affiliate to the Program. The policy is used to establish relationships and aid in the addition of benefit and assistance information from a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) to the database, as well as to define the criteria through which may enter into mutually beneficial agreements to exchange data, links, benefit information or other data with NGOs.